Why I signed with the Hive

Totally Awesome Fest 10

When I think about my music, and my place within the music scene, I always think about the long term goal. The power of a diverse community of creative and committed individuals working towards a common cause of supporting one another to elevate all those involved is invaluable.

Tapping into the network of great people through the Hive, and its different forms of media, like the photos (and outgoing personality) of Thomas Ulch and the creative vision of director/producer Jeffrey Howlett has given me a lot of tools to utilize in my press kits. With access to over $20,000 worth of audio and visual equipment and a 2000 sq ft. warehouse space, we are enabled to achieve that creative vision in a way that the average musician is not.

Opening for John Sinclair!

I went from relative obscurity within the music scene in Ann Arbor, to booking steady gigs at the Blind Pig, played on WZRD in Chicago twice now, and played various local festivals. I made it on EMU’s Eagle radio and U of M’s WCBN!

Let’s not forget Tree Town Sound Hosted by friend and resident music guru Matt Altruda!

At 107.1 Tree Town Sound

Even though I was not paid for every show we did–neither were they–I was able to utilize these things to push my music career forward. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t been willing to forgo some small payments for my performances sometimes. In the long run, the hours of video footage and photos are far more valuable to my music career then a few dollars after a show. I offer my music for free to anyone who wants to hear it.

Never estimate the power of coordinated effort and well thought out marketing strategies, utilizing all of the forms free social media available at the moment. From the all important logo created by Alan Traxler:

The Hive Ann Arbor

To the constant effort and amazing performances of Hope Hawkinson aka Jo Pie Whyld

hopie jo

To the incredible creative direction of Robert Zurenko, who has facilitated the making of all our of the amazing shirts by hand!


The number of talented musicians in the city of Ann Arbor is staggering. In order to stand out, things like videos and photos help people get noticed. If I think of how much it would actually cost to a hire photographer for all of my shows and not too mention a director for my music videos, I realize how valuable these things are to a young struggling musician like me. I am happy to play shows with the Hive Ann Arbor for free. Because of our hard work and effort, you can see me at the Top of the Park this summer on July 2, at 5:00 pm!

Playing at the Top of the Park!!!


In the end its all about being to play my music and share it with as many people as I possibly can. We took a trip up north and stopped along the trail in the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. The sun was bright and shining…I like to watch it!

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