Why do I Hive?


Why do I Hive?


I like art and I like people. I like hanging out with a group of people who are all creating something. Photography, music, painting, movies, flaming hoops whatev. I like bringing projects from nothing to reality. And I like doing it as a group.

And I like making things more accessible to cool people. I’m an educator (I teach at EMU) and I always want my students to realize that they can do anything. Just figure out what you want and fucking do it! The Hive makes it possible for people to do what they otherwise would not have been able to. An acoustic act is not going to book the Pig easily. A young artist may have a difficult time finding a space where they can exhibit an 11 foot tall painting. A new band is not going to have the resources to make a decent music video. But when you are Hived up, you can do these things.



There is power in a group. We can do things that an individual can’t. For the average band, a professional photoshoot is probably out of the budget. Sure, someone’s cousin can Instagram some shit, but real photos are a powerful tool. Or a music video. To shoot and edit a decent video can cost upwards of $3000. WAY out of the range of a band starting out playing the local bar. Bands talk about “exposure” like it’s a dirty word, but there is a huge difference between some local dive bar that wants you to play for free and actual exposure.



Every band that signs with us gets pro photo shoots and a music video. As a professional photographer, I have a Canon 5d MKII and two GoPro Black 3+ cameras with all the goodies. You can check out our videos here on www.thehiveannarbor.com. Our video production director, Jeffery Howlett does an amazing job in some less than perfect venues. These are so cool and so fun to make!




Our artistic director, Robert Zurenko is always coming up with some wicked, boundary pushing, shit that blows my mind every time. Melanie Eddy our stage director/mom/talent scout, keeps everyone on time. Don’t fuck with her, ps. Nicholas Painter/Acoustic Resonance writes and plays the kind of songs that I wish I could make. Hope Thomas/Jo Pie Whyld blows me away every time with her ferocity and openness on stage. Jake Prince, Brian Long and Michael Koss/Jake Prince Trio destroy every place they play with their funky/rocking/badass style.



All of these peeps are part of the Hive. They make me want to push more. Want to book that next gig or run that next Hive Fest or buy that new lens or, coming this fall, a quadcopter with a video camera attached so that I can get that killer overhead shot from 2000 feet.


We also have the Warehouse. 1800 sq feet of pure, unheated fun. We got rid of the half pipe and are in the process of building a stage (made from recycled lumber donated by two Hive peeps) We had our first Hive Fest this year. 17 acts with over 150 people coming out to party with us. It made for a long day, like 16 hours, but it was awesome! And it couldn’t have been possible without the dedication of volunteers like Matt, Colleen, Anton and countless others.



Why do I Hive? Cause I fucking love making a glorious noise. I love showing up at a bar with our bands and our cameras and sound recorders and then blowing that place up with 100 people all drinking and dancing and having a good time. There is never any drama at our shows. We squash that shit with positivity (and, if needed, with our Sergeant-at Arms Matt Woodard) We may swear and flip you off and possibly even tell you to “go fuck yourself”, but it’s always done with a smile and a laugh.

IMG_0772 IMG_0445 IMG_1214


We are like a traveling circus, complete with strong men, jesters, bards, freaks and sword swallowers. We love and accept all cool peeps. We don’t give a shit what you look like, listen to, who you love, believe in or profess to doubt. If you are cool and creative, you have a home with us.  And when we roll, we roll deep. I was an army guy a million years ago and I missed that camaraderie. I dig that fact that when you are with us, there will always be at least 10 peeps at your gig, flying Hive ts. You are never alone when you are Hived up.



Why do I Hive?


I’m an artist. It’s that simple.


If you are an act who would like to join us, send us a link to your music and any photos/videos you may have to thehiveannarbor@gmail.com

We will be taking on a few new acts this summer.

Thomas Ulch II

Thomas William Ulch II is an instructor at Eastern Michigan University, a veteran of the U.S. Army and a photographer with a passion for immersive travel. He has traveled to over 35 countries in the last 7 years. He is the founder of the Hive and the Warehouse and is the editor in chief of Body Electric. He also, on occasion, speaks of himself in the third person.

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