Chapter 1-The Hive: A Fictional Account – First Encounter

Entering The Hive

Entering The Hive

Hidden from the prying eyes of the police and public, deep beneath the streets lies a sprawling twisting network of tunnels, caverns and deep chasms all leading to dark and dangerous places. Places where you only come if your need outweighs your common sense — the last resort for the desperate. The darkest of these places is called The Hive.

The Hive is one part tavern and one part network; a network of portentous individuals dark and twisted as the caverns themselves. Each one is unique, as unique as the dreams we dream every night, but they have one thing in common; they have a talent. Each one has a very special talent that is theirs alone and they are in The Hive to sell to the highest bidder. It is their place of pleasure and their place of business. In between business they spend their time deep in their cups, gambling, whoring, cutting down the competition, literally, or any number of other games their meandering minds like to play.

Some members of this collective even have pretend lives they masquerade in, where they walk amongst the Overworlders disguised as one of them: unnoticed — posing as teachers, writers, dancers, barbers, you name it. It is a game for them, a way to pass the time waiting for the next client. So when you walk the streets of this town always ask yourself — are you are talking to someone that is a part of The Hive. Or are you walking over where there is a deal being made in The Hive? It is all around you, always around you. Their work is in everything you touch. You breathe it every day but you are oblivious to it. And without it, your world, your precious Overworld would be completely lost. However, those secrets are not mine to tell. I only tell you what you need to know and lead you to the Choice.

Remember everyone in The Hive is either buying something or selling something. The regulars usually do all the selling. If you are brave enough to enter this den and willing to pay their price then you may be able to purchase someone with the skills that you desperately need, either for money, if you have it, or a Favor. Favors are another currency that runs deep in the bowels of the Earth. Every story in the dark ends with a Favor that someone owes someone else. Sometimes benign and sometimes malevolent; the Favor is a contract that may never be violated. Just like when money is involved, you may face Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

The question that is always asked in The Hive is, “what are you looking for?” You better know the answer to that: the right answer. Always know what talent or skill you are seeking before you ask for it. The collective, as terrifying as it may be, takes pride in its work. They are the artists of their clandestine trade and to insult them is only to call upon their wrath. Respect is a payment that is required upfront, even if it is a single word an outsider wants to utter, for every word has a meaning and a listener that interprets its meaning as they desire. So watch what you say very very carefully.

Still interested? Then follow me, I will light the path to where you will have the Choice and at that point you will ask yourself, “Do I enter The Hive or not?”

Choose wisely.

Suleman Diwan

I am Suleman Diwan. By day, I am a Research Systems Analyst or "Computer Geek" by profession working at the University of Michigan. By night, however, I am a writer, an artist and a "social geek" that enjoys bringing people into a community to help enhance it. I am always interested in and looking for opportunities to do creative work particularly if it is collaborative work. [] I am currently writing "The Hive - A Fictional Account" serial here on with an irregular schedule (Sorry Tom). [] I also have two personal blogs: [] Creativity Blog (writing, prose, poetry, art, photography, reviews, etc) - [] [] Technology Blog (Systems Administration, Research Computing, Google Tips & Tricks, Workflow hacks (flowhack), Lesser know IT problems and solutions) []

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