The First Step


For some people going to the gym is a natural thing and an everyday habit. These individuals schedule their trips to the gym and when they are there they walk around confident because they have the knowledge or experience of working out and using the equipment. But what if you are not one of those individuals? What if you are that person who wants to make that life change but are too intimidated by the gym atmosphere that when you pull up to a gym franchise you just sit in your car in the parking lot? While you are sitting there thoughts are racing through your head of “Oh my god I don’t want to make a fool of myself”, “Everyone is going to stare at me”, or you let doubt creep into your head and now you think you can’t do it. Believe it or not you are not the only person who has felt like this.
The media has done a fabulous job of making your average Joe/Jane think that everyone who works out in a gym looks like the fitness models or celebrities we see in the newest magazines or movies. Truth is that those celebrities are getting around the clock treatment such as custom workouts and meal plans to prepare them for that role or photo shoot. There is also a lot of photoshop that goes into those types of shoots as well. The point is that there are a very small percentage of people that actually look like that that train at your local gyms. Most of the time it’s your student, senior citizen, athlete or average 9-5 person, either trying to lose weight, add muscle or to live a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully by now I have eased some of your worries and you’re ready to at least get out of the car and make that bold walk through those gym doors. Remember you made that conscious choice to go to the gym to better yourself physically and mentally. Once in there you need to ask yourself a few things before speaking to a gym representative.
1.) How dedicated are you? Are you going to set up a schedule and force yourself to the gym? Are you going to make working out a habit and daily or weekly routine?
2.) What is the location of the gym? If the gym is close to where you live or work the odds of you using the facility are much higher than if you have to travel more than 15mins to the gym.
3.) What is your budget that you are willing to spend each month?
Once you have the answer to these questions now you are ready to speak to a sales representative. When most people hear the term sales they instantly thinking pushy cars sales man, don’t get me wrong some are like that but most sales reps at the gym do want to help you make the right choice and will take you on a tour of the facility. While on the tour ask questions such as “How many members do you have?” “What are your busy times” “Do you have personal trainers that can help me?” “What are your hours” As you are walking around the gym look at the equipment; is it clean and new or run down. Look at the members and see the type of cliental you will be working out with. At some point they will make a sales pitch and tell you the price and benefits of the facility. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is how does the staff treat its members and will this gym meet your needs and wants?

Hopefully you make the right choice and you feel comfortable with the decision you have made. If that’s the case then congratulations on taking the first step to a healthier you!! Remember when starting out; that you are only there for you! Do not look around at anyone else; you don’t know how long they have been doing this or if they are working with a trainer. Some people just have the genetics to have a muscular or sexy frame. Those are all things that you can’t control so only worry about yourself because believe me everyone else that’s there is not looking at you or judging you, they are focused on achieving their goals. Good luck on your healthy journey!
Kyle Horton
Regional Manager of Anytime Fitness
Amateur MMA Fighter

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