Putting Your Best Face Forward


Close those eyes (not really, keep reading!) and Imagine:

You have the perfect sleek black pencil skirt paired with a gorgeous blouse, a classic pointed black leather heel, a glitzy gold bangle on your dainty wrist, and that new Prada bag everyone is after. What accessory is missing?

You exit the car on your wedding day, the silk of your wedding gown accentuating your hourglass curves, your grandmother’s creamy colored pearl necklace skims your collar bone, and your perfectly manicured hands are gently folded over the ribbon wrapped stems of your favorite floral bouquet. What is revealed when your father (or mother) lifts your veil to give you that last peck on the cheek as their little girl?

You have worked night and day through the entire month of October to design a replica of your fave character’s threads. Shreds of fabric and your sewing machine have become a permanent fixture on your dining room table and today you are determined to win best costume! Does your Halloween outfit creation stop with the clothes? Of course not!

An accessory is defined as “A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.” Your hair and your face are both blank canvases. The perfect hairstyle and that beautiful face of yours highlighted with the right makeup can be the most important of accessories. My mother always said that a lady should never leave the house without her mascara and Chapstick or lip gloss. I always thought this sounded pretty old fashioned for a mother who was quite young in comparison to my friend’s parents. I have come to realize that her opinion isn’t out dated, it’s ideal! Hairstyling and makeup application is just as important as the perfect diamond stud, Burberry bag, or Jimmy Choo. Often, people overlook just how important hair and makeup can be in completing a look, when in reality it is your finest, most versatile and greatest accessory. Can you really imagine your wedding day with no makeup or tousled “bedhead”?

Are you new to this idea? Does hairstyling and makeup application make your palms sweaty? Calm down — you aren’t the first person to feel like this. Youtube, Pinterest and Facebook have great tutorials, tips, inspiration and step by steps. Another site called Beautylish is filled with member content as well as professional makeup artist and stylist blogs. Even as a licensed cosmetologist I utilize these free tools for ideas and inspiration and learn things anew. So check them out and instead of putting your best Louboutin forward, lift your chin, put your shoulders back and put your best face forward!


By Deedra Sole-Cravens, Hair and Makeup Artist


Deedra Cravens

Hair and Makeup Artist at Voila Salon & Spa in Saline, MI. I also freelance in the Ann Arbor/Saline/Detroit/Toledo area. I am a current Eastern Michigan University student pursing a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media and Film and Theatre Arts with an upcoming December 2013 graduation.

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