Priscilla Ahn coming to the Ark, May 7th!



SPRING IS HERE! Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. After that brutal winter, with record snowfall, I have been really looking forward to getting out and enjoying Ann Arbor to it’s fullest and a good place to start is always a concert! The Ark, here in Ann Arbor, will be hosting Priscilla Anh May 7th at 8pm.

I got wind of Priscilla Ahn coming to town so I checked out her music and I dig it! She has a little something for everyone. Her music is a mix of “electro-pop” and more traditional folk. The song that really stands out to me is Remember How I broke Your Heart.

It is a haunting song about just what the title implies, a telephonic break up from the road. Her evocative vocals compliment her haunting melodies perfectly. These combined with lyrics that capture her (and all of our) heartbreak, regret and wistfulness make for a song that immediately connects. In it, she transcends simply a song and creates something more. It’s a powerful piece that deserves a listen. I’ve linked it below.

So you see I had to let you go

in a phone call from Ohio

filled with silence and apologies.

Still I loved you as you loved me.


You can find more about her on her website!

Thomas Ulch II

Thomas William Ulch II is an instructor at Eastern Michigan University, a veteran of the U.S. Army and a photographer with a passion for immersive travel. He has traveled to over 35 countries in the last 7 years. He is the founder of the Hive and the Warehouse and is the editor in chief of Body Electric. He also, on occasion, speaks of himself in the third person.

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