Local Zombie Movie on the Big Screen

“The Quirk and the Dead,” is a comedy/horror zombie movie shot entirely in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, MI. It was written, co-directed, co-produced and featuring the acting talents (he typed with no humility whatsoever) of The Hive’s own Ken MacGregor. The movie will be appearing this coming Friday, August 30th, at the DragonCon Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This is super-exciting news for the film-makers and people in that area who are zombie fans.
More exciting still, is that the movie will also be playing at the Three Corpse Circus on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater. It’s the only horror film festival in Ann Arbor, which means it’s also the best.
“The Quirk and the Dead” is the story of two men who find one another at the end of the world. Each man has survived using his own methods, but one of them is harboring a dark and terrible secret. The other one is in trouble.

For festival information (for Ann Arbor; I’m going to assume no one is heading to Atlanta this weekend. If I’m wrong, hit me up on Facebook and check the link to DragonCon) keep your eye on http://www.threecorpsecircus.com/.

Folks are encouraged to dress up for the festival, so get your zombie on. Ken will be there. Say hi. It’s okay. He’s not really infected.


Ken MacGregor

Ken MacGregor’s work has appeared in several speculative fiction anthologies from Siren’s Call, Hazardous Press, Bloodbound Books, Dark Opus Press and more; his work has appeared in magazines and podcasts. Ken is a member in good standing of The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. Ken writes horror, fantasy and the occasional children’s story. Ken will sometimes reread a piece he wrote and shudder in revulsion or glee (often both). He lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan with his wife, Liz and their children Gabriel and Maggie. He can be found on Facebook (Ken MacGregor - Author), Amazon and Goodreads.

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