Introduction to Analea!

Photo Cred- Gerald Retamal

Hi. I’m Analea. I just graduated college this past spring and have now entered the. -dun dun dun- realm of ‘adulthood’ where you feel as though you should be doing something more interesting or professional with your life yet… aren’t. So, I decided I am going to not care for a little while and travel. I bought a one way ticket to South America- Santiago de Chile to be exact after a bit of extra cash came my way. I got a gig to lay down the vocals and uke on a children’s CD in Spanish.
My current line of work? Preschool. I teach at a Spanish-Immersion Preschool in Ann Arbor. It’s pretty fun. Well, minus the occasional screaming/crying/fighting/tantrums and such. Oh, and dirty diapers. All that somehow becomes worth it when a kid says they want to sit with you at circle-time or when the group shouts out, “No, no maestras allowed! Only maestra Analea!” I am not sure why or how, but I hear this a lot. Don’t mean to toot my own horn but I feel as though it’s because I have refused to completely settle into mean old no fun adulthood. Not to say I am not responsible, I take care of shit when it needs to get done. But I like to play. Giving out surprises is fun! So is singing songs with my ukulele, and I could never forget all that nasty mr. poo-poo head talk. These are the kinds of things that crack me up about working with children. The only thing that separates me from them is years and height, though not by much- I’m only 5’2″. I still am that little Analea deep down in there, and she would just go fly away and have a good laugh. Hence taking off on a dash to South America with no real idea about anything and not much but the support of a good friend to host me.
Aside from my long list of “aspiring” jobs (actress, singer, songwriter, regular writer, innovator, diplomat, nobel peace-prize winner and professional latin dancer) I am one of the many people in this world who has joined the yoga movement. Though I’d like to think the yoga I do is different than the scantily clad kombucha toting fitness enthusiasts of today. The practice I have studied is a more traditional style, including ancient teachings and philosophies which have more to do with cultivating a harmonious lifestyle and experiencing higher states of awareness. This can be done partially by training of the mind through practice of meditation.
There are a number of ashrams and yoga centres that were founded by members of the same lineage of these teachings in South America. One of which can be found in Santiago. Please join me on this new journey to help make sense of all of this yoga talk and hopefully learn something new about this world and self. Let’s see where I end up, and what exactly I end up doing because at this point, it could be anything. I am not afraid to say I am not sure what to do next- and no one else should be either.

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    Juli McLeod

    Great article, Analea! I love your joyful and adventurous spirit. I can’t wait to see where life takes you!

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