How Eating Can Prevent a Zombie Attack

While you may think typical dietitians will tell you to eat more broccoli and bran cereal, my job is to prevent zombie attacks. Read closely and learn how you can prevent a zombie attack too!

It all starts when you finally have had an “epiphany”. Either you saw a picture of your 15lb lighter and fitter self or you over-dosed on sugar the night before, but something triggers an overwhelming sense of motivation to get back on track and eat healthy! So this is how the typical “get back in shape” fail usually goes…

You begin by telling yourself “I am going to do it this time! I’ll start my day off right by eating a tiny breakfast and lose weight all day.” So breakfast is probably a piece of toast and an egg.

By the time lunch rolls around you’re pretty hungry but as motivated and committed as you are, you’re going to have a light lunch. You feel that little fire burning inside and you think, “Yes, I am really doing it this time!”

                                                                        And then… the Zombie attack hits…

You’re leaving work and so hungry you could eat your dog, cat, sister, or your own right arm. All hell breaks loose and you are ready to shovel whatever you can down the trap door.  The dinner that was going to be a head of lettuce has now turned into a thanksgiving feast.  You’ve been starving all day so your instincts kick in like an unstoppable force that will continue until the fridge is empty or you’re so stuffed that you can’t keep your pants buttoned anymore.

So why does this cycle sabotage our weight loss goals?  We actually NEED the energy in the morning to kick-start our day. There is a purpose for breakfast… you are literally “breaking a fast”.  Having a substantial breakfast allows you to get your metabolism going to have energy throughout the day.  By the time the evening rolls around, you are probably winding down and ready for bed within the next few hours. At this point, our body requires much less energy so our dinners should follow. Eating a substantial breakfast followed by a moderate lunch and a lighter dinner allows us to use the energy as fuel throughout the day and actually lose weight in our sleep! That’s right, you can feel full all day then LOSE WEIGHT IN YOUR SLEEP!!!! Doesn’t that sound much better than starving all day and sabotaging your goals at night?

Gina Worful, RD

Registered Dietitian


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