High Five The Hive For Being My Drive


My music helps me understand my existence.  When I write I can explore my emotional world and watch it transform in to reality.  When I sing something inside of me awakens and is restored.


Being creative has always been a part of my life, but now it has taken on a larger role – I am an artist.  An excellent example of my “fartsy-ness” involves this very article!  When Tom asked me to write about my experience with The Hive I wrote a POEM. Yeah.

At the ripe age of 22 I learn more and more about myself daily; including who I am what I can improve upon.  Anyone can make art, but not everyone who can do so can market their craft; there needs to be a balance between business oriented and talented.  I count myself among the sometimes-socially-awkward-artsy type.


My journey with The Hive has been extremely beneficial for numerous reasons:  my promotional materials are off the chain, I’m playing more shows/radio shows than ever,  I’m meeting tons of awesome new people, and I am surrounded by other artists who inspire me to be more productive and creative.


Most importantly, The Hive represents change, growth, and community.  I am learning necessary skills for being a working artist.  Not only is it educational, it is inspirational to be supported and surrounded by other like-minded freaks.



The Hive, A Poem

I am standing in a field

a meadow

grassy and moon lit

breezy but quiet

through the silence

there is a growing hum

I feel it resonating in my fibers

my fingers

my throat

growing and fading

vibrations release


but the sound?

it is my body



i am not alone

when i close my eyes

I can finally see myself crystalized

the sky releases a single ray of light that hits my spirit’s surfaces

it plunges and expands throughout my dimensions

causing a flood of light to reflect

and explode into the universe



I know I am not alone

when I open my eyes

I can finally see myself



there is a stillness

a pause in time

without wind the grass ripples

outward from where I stand

the earth around me trembles

I stretch my arms towards

the unknown


I am calm and unsurprised

when my hands

after long searching

find where our waves intersect

as they continue to collide

an immeasurable heat takes over

we grasp each others hands

holding fast to the ground

as the atmosphere begs and pulls

at our hair and skin

you can have it

it is not my body

I am not my body

I am a vessel

a medium

an artist


the hum is eternal

we gather inside

our dreams


we move forward

we are unstoppable




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