Creative Kicks: The Story of Reddit and Productivity: An Odd Couple

As someone who spends far too much time (as much as 8 hours a week according to RescueTime) reading reddit posts — about diverse topics including video gamescatscreepy exessportsballcats, hygeine, nature, cats, and cats — I can vouch for the possibility of reddit and similar sites becoming a huge time sink. Such are the perils of social media (and cats).


That said, if you’re a creator of any kind and can exercise even a modicum of self-control, reddit can be as great a resource as any. So, I have done all of you the favor (you’re welcome; please give me all of the money) of aggregating the wide assortment of  subreddits geared to kick your creativity into high gear:

[Note: I left out all of the obvious ones, like the general r/Music and r/Film subreddits, since they are mostly for discussing professional work and not centered around creators and creation.]


r/Filmmakers – For filmmakers to share their work, get feedback, meet other people interested in cinematic arts, and so on. They encourage both amateurs and pros to participate, and have a handful of guides for beginners, including a list of other film subreddits.

r/Animators – For filmmakers who don’t necessarily work well with others. A great place to share your work or find tutorials and resources.


The list of subreddits for those interested in learning to make music, play an instrument, produce music, or buy the right gear.

r/RadioReddit – A place for musicians  to share their music with other redditors, with a shot at airtime on reddit’s online streaming radio station. The station features a main stream as well as genre-specific streams, some advertising, and the possibility of playing live on the air.

r/WeAreTheMusicMakers – …and the dreamers of dreams. This is the catch-all place for people who make music to share tips and stories about the music industry.  There is also a weekly thread for musicians to post their music for critique, and a soundcloud group.

Visual Arts

r/Artists – The place to meet other starving artists, post your own art for critique, and discuss techniques.

r/Drawing – For people who make line drawings.

r/Photography – For all the photogs out there.

As you can see, the visual art subreddits are pretty straightforward. Sadly, there are few subreddits, if any, dedicated to anything as specific as a daily drawing prompt or exercise, but each of the above subreddits occasionally features a thread dedicated to that, or to teaching a new technique.

Also… what the fuck.

Game Design

Because, yes,  games can be art.

 r/GameAssets – Are you an artist who loves making videogame sprites? Or a musician who’d rather have their compositions soundtrack a videogame than a commercial? Post your work here — I suggest a Creative Commons license.

r/Gamedev – Want to actually make your own video game? This is a great place to post any questions, find tutorials or other resources, get feedback, or get a development team together.

r/TabletopGameDesign – Like r/Gamedev, except with card games, board games, and role-playing games.


There are loads of writing-oriented subreddits, which can basically be divided into craft-related and prompt-related boards.

r/Writing – Ask questions, get advice from veterans, read articles and tips about writing, and so on. There is also a weekly critique thread! There are also similar reddits based on specific genres, such as r/FantasyWriters.

r/Wordcount – Kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous but for writers struggling to reach a daily word quota. Post how many words you’ve put on paper today and get support from your fellow logophiles.

r/OneParagraph – For writers of extremely short fiction. Post your one paragraph story here for feedback.

r/ArtPrompt – If you’re an artist, post your work to inspire writers. If you’re a writer, check this out to find some visual inspiration.

r/WritingPrompts – Submit writing prompts here, along with the work you’ve created based on it, or browse for other peoples’ prompts (O.P.P.) to work from. They even have a wide variety of prompt styles, from flash fiction prompts to musical prompts to constrained writing, and more.

I may have missed a few, if you have any favorite subreddits or other forums for finding inspiration and critiques, please post them in the comments!

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