Communicate and Nail the Perfect Look

When an artist is commissioned to do a project there is an expectation put forth by the client. There is nothing that surpasses the power of a proper consultation between an artist and a client. In the case of a makeup artist or hair stylist the client is the canvas. Not only do we want the client to be happy we also want to be proud of what we put out in the world. When a client walks out the door of the salon or hops out of the makeup chair they become a daily advertisement for the professional’s artistry and abilities.

In order to ensure that a client is happy and that they go out in the world and represent a hairstylist or makeup artist’s best work it is of upmost importance to understand the client’s goals, needs, and expectations. This becomes the most important piece of a hair stylist and makeup artist’s artistry and is accomplished by completing a thorough consultation. A client who is aware of their hair texture, density and the amount of styling they are willing to put forth when they choose a style is great. Also, pictures are a wonderful tool for communication. If a client is unaware of their hair or skin type it is the job of the professional to teach the client and answer questions.

Let’s consider: An advertising agency is looking for a spokesperson to advertise a product that gives big voluminous hair. Are they going to look for a model with thin, fine hair or the one with long, naturally voluminous hair? Obvious right?! A hairstylist and makeup artist should teach you how to look for styles and looks that fit what you have. Your stylist is probably not a magician, (although they may be stellar at what they do and have what you may think are some magic potions!) Bringing in a picture of someone with beautiful naturally curly hair and asking for that look when you have a moderate wave and desire limited styling time is probably not ideal. Your stylist might be able to have you walk out the door looking like your picture but when you go home and try to recreate the look, with limited styling time, you are probably going to be disappointed.









Moral of the story…

  • Ask your stylist questions and if they aren’t having a         conversation with you before they head you to the shampoo bowl or to mix your color —put on the brakes! (Once the scissors are out and hair is hitting the floor it can be too late!)
  • Be realistic with your expectations and make sure you let your hair stylist or makeup artist know what type of time investment you are willing to make each morning. (I can teach you a 5 minute makeup or an extensive 30 minute face.)
  • Get to know your own hair and face or ask a professional to help you! (I love my clients and I love sharing what I know with them!)

Embrace your ability to communicate and nail the perfect look!

Deedra Cravens

Hair and Makeup Artist at Voila Salon & Spa in Saline, MI. I also freelance in the Ann Arbor/Saline/Detroit/Toledo area. I am a current Eastern Michigan University student pursing a Bachelors of Science in Electronic Media and Film and Theatre Arts with an upcoming December 2013 graduation.

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