A precursor to an epic adventure! Part 1

Growing up, I had a small family; mother, father and grandpa whom I called “Lolo”. I did normal things that everyday children did; played outside, loved my toys and watched plenty of cartoons. I was an only child, so I spent a lot of time with adults till starting school. My mother always had friends around at night while my father worked during the night as a security guard growing up till I started kindergarten at the age of four going on five.

When school started, I would often come home to my mom’s friends. They have always been around me but I never noticed till school how much different they are to the kids and adults at school. They talked in a different language that I’d often pretend was secret codes for grown ups. Though I hardly understood it I was use to it but realized the things in my home might be very different from the friends I made at school and there traditions. I raised around a lot of Filipino influences being that my mother came from the southern part of the Philippines.

I ate rice almost every meal with variety of meats and vegetables. I heard languages other than English that I was taught. I felt blessed that my home was quite diverse through being a child of a mixed family. My mother was born and raised on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines and my father of European background. As I  got older we went on family trips. We did these a few times. When I was two, five, 10 and 12. They were fun, I was always overwhelmed at the amount of family that was so far away from me. I couldn’t experience what a lot of friends had in the States, so to have my experiences were very different. Sadly, school had taken a damper on my vacation time until the glorious age of 24.

As a graduation present, my mother saved money for a trip for me and planned out with my Titas (aunts) for my stay visiting Luzon, the island of Bohol in the Visayans region and the island of my family’s hometown Mindanao. Leaping with excitement, I didn’t know what to expect being on my own and for the first time an adult in a foreign country that I called a second home. It was a trip I was looking forward to for years.



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