16 Poodles

I woke up and felt him wrap my wrists with a coarse piece of rope he brought with him; it burned against my skin and my made wrists and hands raw from the touch. He threw me into his car and began to drive away. I felt my hot salty tears roll past my cheek and the duct tape covering my mouth. Dear God, please just take me home now before he takes out his rage on me. All the pain and anguish in my body left me numb and alone in that backseat of his car. I heard him turn on the radio and start to tune it.
What will become of me? Will my grandmother find me?
“Oh Donna,” came on the radio by Ritchie Valens, and I began to weep even more. I’m going to die. And I won’t be able to see my grandmother or my sisters again. And because of what I am, this man will not let my soul be purified. God won’t accept me.
“Well now, we’re just in luck Donna. Look what came on the radio,” he said while giving me a horrifying grin in the rear view mirror and a little chuckle; I heard myself whimper. I struggled against the rope but my shoulders burned and my chest gave an aching pain that left me breathless. I knew he dislocated my arms, but I didn’t know that he broke some ribs while he was at it. God, please find me, please help me.
I tried to struggle against my restraints again, but a piercing mind numbing ache rocked through my shoulders and I gave a shuddering breath. I can’t get free. My arms were at a strange angle at my back and I cried silently in pain while he drove me farther and farther away from my grandmother’s house. I struggled to think, how do I free myself from this? But I couldn’t focus.
I wanted to think of something pleasant instead, it would keep my screams from escaping. So I thought about my grandmother at home, creating her spells for the poor souls who came to her for guidance. I thought about her collection of porcelain poodles that she kept on a shelf in the kitchen.
The poodles; my brain twitched and I began to remember what happened in the kitchen but an hour ago. I laid there on the floor in the kitchen staring at those beautiful shiny poodles.
He kicked my sides, and I felt my heart skip a beat.
She only had sixteen of them, because they were so expensive.
He tore my shirt to shreds.
One was blue like the night sky.
He slammed my body down hard on the floor.
One was a rosy pink with white polka dots.
He broke my fingers on my left hand and still I would not scream.
Another one was a pearly white with a rainbow tint to it.
He brought out a lighter and burned my skin to test my magic.
And my favorite one was pitch black.
He struck my face and I fainted, my mouth still closed.
“Here we are Donna, you’re home,” he announced as he stopped the car. I could smell the sea as he opened his car door, and I began to struggle despite my injuries, but he grabbed my bound feet and dragged me out of the car.
I hit the ground against the gravel and bit my lip to keep in my screams. Blood seeped into my scalp and trickled down into my eye. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to will myself to stay alive. I can’t die yet, not if my soul can’t be delivered.
I felt him drag me closer to the sound of waves, and I knew we were at the beach where I was initiated. How he knew this is where I was turned I don’t know, but it terrified me to my very core. This holy place will be tainted forever after tonight.
Finally he dragged me a little ways into the water and shoved me against a rock. I sputtered and coughed getting the briny water out of my lungs. I opened my eyes and saw that I was staring out at the sea and a full moon was present, watching and waiting for my life to end in filth.
He tied me to the rock and I looked down to see I was in the water up to my chest. Here is where I would die, Dear God please answer me! I tried desperately to summon the light, but he tightened the rope breaking my concentration. The bile started to rise in my throat.
He brought out a knife and held it to my face, slicing my skin ever so delicately. It burned and stung and all I could do was hold in my screams. I could never scream for him, or my soul will leave me.
He leaned in close to me, like I was a lover and stroked my face gently with his hand. I felt myself shiver in fear and I squeezed my eyes shut. He pressed his face against mine and I felt his hot breath feather across my ear as he smiled.
“Tell me your secrets Bruja,” he whispered. I whimpered and felt my tears mix with the sea as I forced my screams to stay inside. He laughed, “I need you to scream for me.”

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