10 questions with Playboy Cyber-Girl Jillian Sheen.

Jillian Sheen

Jillian Sheen


I met Playboy Cyber-Girl, Jillian Sheen in Vegas a couple of years ago. At a “Shoot The Centerfold” workshop. We only had a short time together but she was great! Super energetic and fun and, of course, stunning. But the thing that stays with me the most is the fact that she is amazingly down to earth.

TU – It’s nice to see you again? How are you? What should I call you? Jill? Jillian? Ms. Sheen?


JS- Miss Jackson if You’re nasty! Haha. Jill is fine.


TU- Can you tell me a bit about where you grew up? I know you are from the Altoona area, but were you a city girl or a country girl?


JS- City girl. But compared to most cities, Altoona is pretty country.


TU- How old were you when you first started modeling? Where/how did it happen?


JS-I was like 26. A lesser-known photographer sent a picture of me on an ex’s motorcycle to the fabulous David Mecey and then I got my own posing guide with Shoot The Centerfold pretty much right away.



TU- Can you talk a bit about how you got involved with Playboy? Talk us through the process. Do you start by being a Cyber Girl and then move up? Did you meet Hef first? Is he as much like as much like the Dos Equis guy as I think he is?


JS-Again, I got really lucky & made Cyber Girl right around the same time my posing guide was out. I was on a roll and the momentum kept building. And Hef is a wonderful man. You can sense his wisdom & intelligence.


TU- Can you talk about the best experience you have had in your modeling career?


JS-You know, I loved doing Shoot The Centerfold so much. Everyone is like family. I’ve loved every project I’ve been a part of. I made some lifelong friends in the process. Just one of the many bonuses of modeling.


TU-You know what’s next, what was your worst experience modeling?


JS-Well, once I had to go to a very old bed and breakfast in Bucks County, PA. It was a lovely shoot & the photographer was very nice. But, the location was like the beginning of a Norman Bates flick! I came the night before in pouring rain to a seemingly empty bed & breakfast. Lightning kept crashing. It was very creepy!


TU-Can you share with us a funny story? Maybe something that has happened to you?


JS-Once I had a photographer come all the way to my town to shoot me. I was working at the mall at the time & told him I’d meet him on my lunch break. I was a little late & he was very upset. But, we ended up doing like 5 outfit changes in the rain! But he and I both loved the images!


TU- You are living in Vegas now, correct? What are you up to? Can you talk about any current projects that you are working on?


JS-I have an upcoming MMA fight where I will be featured as a ring girl. Vegas is nice. But, I also stay in LA & I come back to PA all the time because I start missing my family!


TU-Can the average photographer book you for a shoot? How would that happen? Talk us through the process.


JS-Just ask me & we can totally work something out!


TU- This spot is for you to tell us anything you want. What do you want to leave the readers of the Hive with? Funny, serious, shocking, tell all J


JS-Let’s see? Well, I’d like to tell little girls that self esteem comes with time & feeling good about yourself starts with learning as much as possible & helping other people and animals, basically making the world a better place.


Amen Jill, amen.


You can follow Jillian Sheen on twitter “@Jillian_Sheen” and Instagram- “Jillian_Sheen”


Jillian Sheen Jillian Sheen Jillian Sheen

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